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Tips for planning a resident event tailored to your community

In the world of property management today, the resident experience is just as important as the initial sale. The resident may appear to be satisfied, even after a few weeks of living in a new place, but there’s a lot of nurturing to be done. Real customer satisfaction is earned over time.

One of the best ways to enhance the resident experience and make sure your residents are well assimilated is by efficiently utilizing the amenity space you’re providing. To do this, designing customized resident events should be a fundamental part of your resident engagement plan to elevate a sense of community. People crave human connection and memorable experiences, making events a valuable resource for your property. Having that open and interactive environment allows residents to become friends, not just neighbors. When tenants know each other, that sense of community can boost morale and make your property more desirable.

Here are a few of the best practices for curating resident experiences through events:

Customize your events by getting to know your residents. Activities and events need to be for your specific resident’s needs and interests. It is always important to keep in mind what speaks best to your residents when coming up with entertaining events. Age, location, and season are crucial factors to consider when planning.

Choose the best space. Since amenity space can become widely underutilized amongst most properties, events are a great chance to revitalize and show off other corners of your building! Host an event on a rooftop, by the pool, in the common space of the building, gym, etc., anywhere that allows residents to get the most out of where they live and appreciate all their building can offer them.

Advertise your event. No matter the event or where you decide to host the event, make sure you make it easy for your residents to find out about it. Post event flyers and reminders in the lobby or common area of your building, send out emails, text alerts, or create an event on Facebook as just a few examples. Spreading the word through multiple platforms is important since not all residents receive information the same way.

Every community is different, there is no one-size-fits-all when planning an event, which is why it is important to learn more about your tenants and experiment with a variety of events to engage them. Above all, resident events will help your residents grow relationships with each other and give them another reason to love where they live. There may not be one method or solution for resident retention but events are sure to keep your residents wanting to be a part of your community.

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